Web Analytics And SEO

Web analytics is the process of identification, analysation, measurement and reporting of web data regarding the optimizing strategies related to web usage. It is not only the process of identifying and measuring of the web traffic but also helps in the market and business research thereby helping the companies to measure the result of their reach Through the advertisement campaigns and broadcasting efficiency in the web services. One of the most important aspects of the web analytics is the number of page views and page visits which can be seen in many websites. This mechanism not only promotes the website but also act as a motivational approach to the particular website. The SEO Birmingham is equipped with the knowledge of the synergic power of the web analytics and the SEO and promotes the websites using the research strategies that have been done in that arena.

Impact of Web analytics on SEO:

The impact of the web analytics on SEO is greatly effective as it will have a positive signal on the overall SEO of the site. This can be understood by various processes where the SEO and the Web analytics play a complementary role. They are

Number of Visits:

More the traffic to the site at the basic level the site’s relative authority matters on the subject and the aspects of the performance is analysed. Here the SEO plays a complementary role in accordance with the web analytics. Similarly, the average number of pages visited is also working on the same process as the number of visits.

Time in the site:

Maximum amount of time in the site, more interesting the site is. This can be analysed by the web analytics and it promotes the SEO mechanism of the site.

Bounce rate:

The bounce rate is the opposite of the ‘time in the site’ as it deals with the minimum amount of time that the user spends in the site, say, may be less than 30 seconds. Actually, the bounce rate should be less than 50% for the site to be more active and better.

These are some of the strategies that the web analytics and the SEO work together and the SEO Birmingham is actively involved in these strategies to provide a development plan for the site to improve the monetisation.